BCTGM union members are still holding the line at the Kellogg's plant in Omaha

There’s always work to be done.

It’s been a big month for labor. November saw over 22,000 union members go on strike, with even more threatening to strike.

Together we are many

After nearly two weeks of a hunger strike, and over a month of a moving 24/7 picket outside of City Hall, New York’s cab drivers won their demands.

John Deere workers on strike

Sweet, sweet concessions

October may be over, but the rebellious energy of Striketober continues, with workers across the nation engaged in historic levels of labor action.

Is there actually a labor shortage?

Is there actually a labor shortage right now? At EWOC’s recent event, 3 thinkers and organizers discussed how the problems faced by low-wage workers existed long before the pandemic. Today’s so-called “labor shortage” just brings that to the forefront.