No war but class war

Activision Blizzard and Raven Software QA workers are looking to define employees eligible for Game Workers Alliance. The union group formed in January.

If they can do it, we can do it

In just this past week, 10 new Starbucks locations have filed for elections! That brings the number up to 100 total Starbucks locations in 26 states.

Time to even the odds

This past week, Jennifer Abruzzo, the general counsel at the NLRB announced a plan that could greatly increase union membership.

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Let’s organize your workplace

Workers in America are tired. We’re tired of working longer hours for lower pay. We’re tired of working in unsafe and unhealthy conditions.

REI Union SoHo

We have the people on our side

We need to strengthen our existing unions and organize the unorganized so that we can build real working-class power, but we have people on our side.