Screenshot of Shawn Fain from a live address on youtube.

7 Ways to Support the UAW Strike

United Auto Workers have begun their historic strikes, which could mean better working conditions for us all. Here are ways that you can support them.

Death in the Air

An essential worker considers pandemic times

Who Might Strike in 2022? Hundreds of Big Contracts Will Be Up

A Bloomberg analysis in November found that nearly 200 large union contracts (covering at least 1,000 workers) would expire between then and the end of 2022. Together these contracts cover 1.3 million workers—and there are hundreds of thousands more covered under the hundreds of smaller contracts that are also expiring. Here are some of the big ones:

Workers Have Leverage. It’s Time to Use It.

This favorable labor market is an opportunity for workers and unions to undo concessions they’ve made for years—or even to win long-sought demands.