How my sex shop went on strike

In August 2020, employees of sex toy retailer and education center Good Vibrations in Boston successfully completed a six-week strike held in response to, among other problems, a lack of COVID-19 related safety practices in their store from company management. This is the story of how their strike came into existence and how solidarity among […]

Lessons from the Wisconsin Uprising

The Wisconsin Uprising—a militant, populist uprising in response to legislation intended to crush unions and slash social services—lasted for months and spread from the initial occupation of the capitol to cities and towns across the state. There were ongoing protests of up to 200,000 people at the capitol building as well as rallies, protests, marches, […]

Lessons Learned from the NBA Strike for Black Lives

In their righteous wildcat strike, professional athletes showed us both how collective action can directly challenge power, but also how a workplace campaign can get cut short if we’re not prepared. It’s an all-too-common experience in workplace organizing: You and your coworkers have been grumbling about injustices at work for a while but haven’t taken […]