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Step One: Get Organized

The Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee’s Organizing Guide is a summary of the key concepts we cover in our training series. It’s not a standalone manual, but it’s a useful guide for you and your coworkers to learn how to start organizing at your workplace.

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This Guide Explains

How to Identify Leaders

Connect with the coworkers who have the knowledge about your workplace, the guts to make demands, and the connections to bring others along.

How to Make Demands

Discover the issues that are felt deeply and broadly among your coworkers, then force your employer to meet those demands and respect you and your coworkers.

What to Expect from the Boss

Learn what bosses have been doing for decades to buy off or fight back against an equitable workplace and how you can inoculate your campaign against it.

And more!

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This guide isn’t all you need; it’s a companion handbook to the Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee training sessions.

We host free weekly training sessions about four times a year and guide you through everything you need to know to organize a successful campaign at your workplace. Sign up for our next round of training sessions or watch the recordings.

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We are organizing frontline workers to get the hazard pay and adequate protections they deserve and fight for dignity, respect, and racial equality.

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