Local EWOC Groups

What is a local EWOC group, and how do I start one?

The Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee (EWOC) is an organizing project of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE Union). Our mission is to support any worker, in any industry, to connect with their coworkers and win lasting change in their workplace.

To do this, we connect workers with volunteer organizers and offer workplace organizing training sessions for workers and volunteers. As a national organizing project, we do most of this work virtually, but local EWOC groups can take this model and make it into something that happens in person in local communities.

What do local EWOC groups do?

This is very much up to the group, but EWOC recommends six tasks. 

  • Make Connections: Connect with existing local organizing groups (DSA labor committees, community organizing groups interested in labor, etc.). Build a team of at least five people.
  • Promote Your Group: Make your presence known. Put up flyers. Canvass. Text your local DSA group. Let people know you’re here to support unorganized workers. It’s not enough to do this once: figure out a regular schedule for your outreach work. 
  • Recruit Others: Support local unorganized workers interested in organizing. Find local organizers who are willing to volunteer their time to support workers and mentor volunteers interested in organizing. Plan regular gatherings for EWOC organizers to talk about the campaigns they’re working on and discuss ways to support the workers more.
  • Increase Attendance: Organize local cohorts to attend the EWOC training sessions. You can all attend the sessions together and then debrief together afterwards.
  • Offer Support: Show up and help other workers organize. Put on an in-person EWOC training. When workers are on strike, reach out to the union and ask what kind of support the workers need. Show up to the picket line and bring snacks. When workers are organizing and need community support, organize your groups and show up for them.
  • Have Fun: Organize socials for people in the labor movement in your local area. Invite workers you’ve met through EWOC and your EWOC volunteers.

Want to start a local EWOC group?

Step 1: Get in Touch with EWOC

Reach out to [email protected] and ask for a meeting with someone who can walk you through the steps.

Step 2: Find a Lead Organizer

A lead organizer is someone who can take on EWOC cases. There might already be people in your community who are already signed up as EWOC organizers. If there are, contact them and ask if they’d like to act as leads; if there aren’t, find someone who’s been organizing workers for more than two years and ask them to sign up as an EWOC volunteer.

What is a local EWOC group lead? They’re someone who will be assigned campaigns that come in from your local area. They should be willing to act as a mentor to new organizers and support younger organizers who are learning how to organize. Becoming a lead is as simple as attending our foundational training series and having a 1:1 with the organizing coordinator.

Step 3: Build a Team

Build a team of a minimum of five core organizers who will act as the leadership for your local group. Meet together and make a plan. Talk about what the local group will do and who will be responsible for each part. Make a plan to launch your group!

Step 4: Launch

Have fun!

Get Started

Ready to start your own local EWOC group? Email us at [email protected].