The Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee’s five-part training series will take you from a new workplace organizer to a powerful force for your coworkers. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know, including how to connect with your coworkers, determining your demands, and knowing what to expect from your boss when they push back.

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1. Identifying Leaders

Learn how to identify organic leaders within your workplace and build a representative organizing committee. Your own coworkers are in the best position to lead your fight, and this video will help you determine which ones make the best leaders.

Watch: Leader Identification and Development

2. Mapping and Charting Your Workplace

Learn how to map out everyone involved in the fight: who’s in, who’s out, and who’s on the fence. Knowing your collective strength is key to your fight, and this video will tell you what you need to map your workplace, have conversations with your coworkers, and build trust.

Watch: Mapping and Charting Your Workplace

3. The Organizing Conversation

Learn how to have the organizing conversation with your coworkers. Effective, intentional conversations lead them to take action with us against the boss.

Watch: The Organizing Conversation

4. Escalation and Public Action

Learn how to build a campaign that will put increasing pressure on the boss through coordinated public action. This campaign will help build solidarity with and radicalize your coworkers, make decision-makers feel the heat, and undercut boss power in the workplace and disrupt profit.

Watch: Escalation and Public Action

5. Inoculation and the Boss Campaign

Learn how to prepare your coworkers for the boss’s reaction to your campaign. Preparing for that reaction can help stay strong against the standard tools, tricks, and traps bosses use to bust organizing efforts.

Watch: Inoculation and the Boss Campaign