The Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee’s training series will take you from a new workplace organizer to a powerful force for your coworkers. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know, including how to connect with your coworkers, determining your demands, and knowing what to expect from your boss when they push back.

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1. Analyzing Your Workplace

This lesson covers what power is in the workplace, social dynamics to look for when organizing, how to identify organic leaders, and how to map and chart your workplace.

Watch: Analyzing Your Workplace

2. Bringing Workers Together Around a Common Cause

This lesson covers how to identify issues and leaders in your workplace and solve problems collectively.

Watch: Bringing Workers Together Around a Common Cause

3. Taking Action and Escalating

This lesson covers how to plan for collective action in your workplace.

Watch: Taking Action and Escalating

4. Inoculation and the Boss Campaign

This lesson covers how to inoculate your coworkers against typical boss dirty tricks.

Watch: Inoculation and the Boss Campaign​