It’s high time…

Just three senators stand in the way of the PRO Act and a future where workers can exercise their right to organize without interference from the boss.

What Is Rank-and-File Unionism?

Rank-and-file unionism is a strategy to create a more equitable future in which greater democracy exists within a union.

The fight is far from over

The future of labor organizing for a better future will owe a debt of gratitude in part to the fight of Amazon workers in Bessemer.

Lessons From Bessemer

Why did the RWDSU, the small-time outfit which ran the organizing campaign, lose this fight? The answer is more complex than some tidy narratives suggest.

Illustration of the NLRB logo and a compass

Signs of a New Direction at the NLRB

A recent NLRB memo suggests a potentially drastic change in the NLRB’s direction in the direction of worker organizing.

What Is Taft-Hartley and Why Is It Bad?

The Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 dismantled the labor gains of the New Deal era and tipped the scales of bargaining power in favor of employers.