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Workplace Organizing Guide

Workers across the world have been putting their lives on the line for over a year simply to pay the bills and put food on the table. At the same time, corporate elites have made record profits, all without providing higher wages or improved benefits. 

The Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee’s new Workplace Organizing Guide provides a comprehensive and concise overview of six proven tools that have helped workers win relief from unjust working conditions in their workplace.

Each of the six tools is explained through key points, including accompanying graphic illustrations and a short list of the nuts and bolts of how each step is carried out to help users easily visualize and think through each step. 

Here’s a sneak peek at the organizing tools outlined in the guide: 

1. Identifying Leaders

Good organizers don’t go it alone! Identifying co-workers who are compassionate, honest, courageous, good listeners, and knowledgeable about their workplace can help in the creation of a team that leads the majority of co-workers who would otherwise be resistant, into the struggle. 

2. Mapping and Assessments

Keeping an updated list of coworkers, their different social groups, their current attitudes towards the campaign, as well as ongoing outreach efforts, can prepare you for systematic and effective organizing. 

3. Organizing Conversations

While casual conversations are important, learning how to introduce structured organizing conversations can ensure that outreach is effective. 

4. Escalation and Campaign Arcs

Every campaign is built to win demands that workers formulate together! The time will come when a campaign needs to escalate the pressure on the employer in order to move closer to its goals. It’s important to know when and how to take actions to the next level, when to be patient and stay the course, and when to identify and jump on an unexpected opportunity. 

5. Public Action and Engaging the Boss

Public action will show the boss that the campaign is organized, strong and determined to win. However, engaging with a boss can be a scary prospect and it’s important that all organizers learn how and what to prepare before approaching a boss.

6. Inoculation and the Boss Campaign

By thinking through how a boss will react to organizing efforts, workers can prepare themselves to “keep their eyes on the prize.”

The EWOC Workplace Organizing Guide is available as a PDF which you can download or print. This manual offers a great foundation for organizing your workplace but if you wish to understand more you can watch videos from our training series or contact EWOC to receive support from an experienced organizer.

Talk with an Organizer

An EWOC organizer is ready to help you and your co-workers get the benefits and respect you deserve.

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