7 Ways to Support the UAW Strike

United Auto Workers (UAW) have begun their historic and strategic “stand-up” strikes. They’re asking for a 40% raise in wages which would match the 40% raise in CEO salaries at the Big Three auto companies.

Winning this contract will set the standard for all workers. This standard could mean a 32-hour work week, solid pension benefits, and better working conditions for all of us.

Here are seven ways that you can support them.

1. Send a letter to the CEOs

The CEOs of the Big Three need to hear that you support the members of the UAW. Send a letter to the CEOs of Ford, Stellantis, and GM and tell them to meet the workers’ demands.

2. Post in Support

If you use Twitter, post your support of striking UAW workers. Don’t be afraid to also share it on Facebook, Bluesky, Threads, or anywhere else!

3. Join the National Call

Labor Notes is hosting a “Stand with the UAW” live event Saturday, September 23, starting at 3 p.m. ET via Zoom! Hear from rank-and-file UAW members about what they’re doing to win their bold demands. Register here.

4. Join the Solidarity Info Session

DSA is hosting a strike-ready info session on Sunday, September 24, at 8 p.m. ET. They’ll share info on how you can get involved with organizing carpools to the picket line, flyering dealerships, and fundraising for the UAW strike fund. Join here.

5. Sign the Pledge

Sign the national Strike Ready Pledge to stay up-to-date about the UAW Strike.

6. Join a Picket Line

Find a picket near you and support UAW members on the strike line!

7. Stay Connected

Can’t make it to any events but want to stay in the loop? Fill out the strike support interest form.

It’s imperative that we stand in solidarity with the UAW, show public support for them, and keep up the momentum to put maximum pressure on the Big 3 automakers and their shareholders. This is OUR time to show them the power of workers!

Talk with an Organizer

An EWOC organizer is ready to help you and your co-workers get the benefits and respect you deserve.

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