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After nearly two weeks of a hunger strike, and over a month of a moving 24/7 picket outside of City Hall, New York’s cab drivers won their demands with the city. The lives of thousands of drivers, who have lived for decades under insurmountable debt, are permanently changed. The city has agreed to a guarantee that prevents future foreclosures, bankruptcies, and promises a dignified life for the drivers and their families.


This win also sets a seismic precedent for labor organizing outside of contracts with employers and standard union procedures. Speaking on the strike, Augustine Tang, one of the youngest members in the union said “The alliance is hoping to use the momentum to build a better industry, lowering the prices for insurance and maintenance, among other things.”

Victory sure is sweet when we all organize for it together.

Image: Taxi workers celebrate ending their hunger strike after making a deal with the city. Ben Fractenberg/THE CITY.

World of Work 🌍

NY – This past Wednesday, 3000 undergraduate and graduate workers at Columbia University in New York City went on strike, demanding better pay, dental care, more secure contracts, and arbitration in cases of harassment. The student workers are organized through UAW Local 2110 and are joining similar organizing efforts at Harvard and University of California. Sign up to support them on the picket line here.


NY – You’ve heard of Striketober but workers at Wirecutter are gearing up to walk out on Strikesgiving, the busiest time of the year, protesting lack of wage increases, and demanding a fair contract now. Hundreds of workers across The Times Guild, The Times Tech Guild, and Wirecutter Union are rallying in front of the New York Times offices this next Tuesday, 12 pm ET.


NY – Striking workers at Mercy Hospital in Buffalo have reached a tentative agreement, after a five week strike. The agreement includes some significant wins for the workers, including safe staffing ratios and better wages. This is a hard won victory, as Catholic Health resorted to cutting off healthcare in an attempt to break the strike, and is a testament to the strength and dedication of the workers.


USA – The 10,000 strong John Deere UAW strike is continuing into its fourth week, after workers voted down a second tentative agreement. The company claims this was it’s “best and last offer”, but whether they stick to that remains to be seen, as they are estimated to be losing $17 million in profits per day from the strike.

USA – The BCTGM strike at four Kellogg’s plants is now in its second month. One of the key issues in the strike is management’s desire to expand a controversial two-tier system, which workers say would undermine their union by pitting them against each other. Workers remain determined to hold the line, and say donations to their strike fund are appreciated.

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Based on our political education event two weeks ago, We broke down the so-called “labor shortage”, what’s causing it, why the media narrative doesn’t tell the whole story, and how workers can use the leverage to their advantage. Read the full post here.



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