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Stopping a runaway train

Upcoming Events 🗓 There’s no better way to kick off the spring than learning to organize your workplace or help others organize theirs. Salting 101: Tomorrow! Looking for a way to join the labor movement? Want to organize your own workplace but … you need a workplace? You might consider

Onward into 2023

We can’t know exactly what to expect in 2023. But based on 2022, one thing is clear: worker organizing is back, and it’s here to stay.

EWOC at Labor Notes

Taking the first step

Millions of workers want more than what they’re getting. If you think other people at your job might be too, you can organize, and you can win.

Report: Pre-Majority Unionism What Is Pre-Majority Unionism?

What is pre-majority unionism?

There’s another kind of unionism outside of the traditional model that workers in these more difficult workplaces have been using for decades to fight.

EWOC is recruiting!

EWOC media world is recruiting! We’re looking for volunteers for our blog and digital teams who can help us spread news about organizing efforts.

Carrying on a proud tradition

The story of the labor movement is the story of workers fighting back: asserting their power, their rights, and their value as human beings.

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