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Want to organize your workplace but don’t know where to start? Join the Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee’s foundational training series, starting on Tuesday, Nov. 15 and running weekly on Tuesdays until Dec. 6! In 90-minute sessions over four weeks, we will discuss the problems that workers face at work and how you can come together with your co-workers to address them. You will learn how to prepare yourself and your co-workers to take collective action, building a democratic organization with your co-workers that can negotiate with the boss over your working conditions. Space is limited to 200 participants, so sign up now! Register today.

Image: Newly unionized Chipotle workers at the Teamsters for a Democratic Union convention

EWOC media world is recruiting! We’re looking for volunteers for our blog and digital teams, especially volunteers experienced with Reddit, who can help us spread news about organizing efforts across the country. If you love to write, edit, or POST, and you want to use your skills to help grow the labor movement, this is your chance! Follow the link below to sign up. Make sure to include your interest in the media team in your application. Answer the call and support your fellow worker!

World of Work 🌍

NY: Workers at VITAL climbing gym in Manhattan are seeking union recognition with Workers United. Workers have been organizing for over a year with EWOC support and went public with their campaign last month. If successful, they will become the second unionized climbing gym in the country.

KY: Workers at Pizza Lupo in Louisville, Kentucky, won voluntary recognition of their recently formed union this week marking an historic boom of successful unionizing efforts in the region. A letter was sent to Lupo’s owners on Saturday, to which management agreed to the request on Monday recognizing the union without an election. Workers at Pizza Lupo have successfully created the first independent unionized restaurants in Louisville. 

USA: Last week, a second major rail union rejected a contract agreement with the freight railroad industry. Paid sick days remain the major point of contention in the negotiations between the railroads and unions. The current contract offers railroad workers a 24% wage increase over five years as well as annual bonuses. However, railroad unions have been pushing for up to 15 paid sick days for workers who currently have none. The fight for paid sick days came after Aaron Hiles, a locomotive engineer, died from a heart attack after delaying a doctor’s visit attempting to avoid company penalties.

USA: Facing overwhelming understaffing and record overtime hours, Delta pilots have voted to authorize a strike this week. The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), which represents nearly 15,000 pilots, reported that, with a 96% participation rate, 99% of pilots voted in favor of authorizing the strike. Pilots wishing to strike must undergo a unique and complex process. First, Delta pilots cannot walk off the job until the National Mediation Board grants them permission. If either side declines additional mediation efforts, both parties must adhere to a 30-day “cooling off” period. Then, after 30 days, pilots can begin their strike.

Week in Labor History 📚

November 1, 1979: 35,000 UAW workers in eight states begin a strike against the International Harvester Company. The strike came after contract negotiations stalled when the company attempted to impose new rules limiting job transfers and instituting mandatory overtime. International Harvester executives made several notable strategic errors, including severely underestimating how long workers would be able to hold out. After 172 days (the longest strike in UAW history at the time), the company backed off on their demands, securing what was hailed as “an overwhelming victory” for UAW members.



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