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“Unite & Win” is the essential handbook for anyone interested in building a campaign at work to get what you deserve.

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Unite & Win: The Workplace Organizer's Handbook
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Your All-in-One Organizing Guide

“Unite & Win: The Workplace Organizer’s Handbook” covers the fundamentals of starting a campaign in your workplace, including

"EWOC has produced a magnificent, concise, and readable text directed to and for workers who want to organize against injustice. The booklet uses clear examples and has specific suggestions on what can be done to fight the power of the employer class."
Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Bill Flecher, Jr.
Trade unionist and writer
"In easy-to-understand language, it tells you everything you need to know about the union organizing process, taking you from 'mildly curious' to 'marching on the boss' in less than fifty pages."
Hamilton Nolan
Hamilton Nolan
Labor journalist and author
"'Unite & Win' is a godsend. Organizing a union is intimidating for many workers, the majority of whom have never been in a union, much less formed one themselves. … Finally — a comprehensive, accessible resource that I can send people who ask me how, exactly, to unionize their workplace."
Alex Press
Alex Press
Labor journalist, Jacobin

Start a Discussion Group

“Unite & Win: The Workplace Organizer’s Handbook” is intended to be read with other workers who are organizing their workplaces. Check out these discussion questions to get started.

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