Escalation and Public Action: Organizer Training Part 4

Only workers can build working-class power, and that starts on the shop floor. Once your coworkers are organized for a campaign, you’re ready to take action, and that means escalation.

It takes a lot of work just to get a majority of your co-workers on board with an organizing campaign. Nobody said it would be easy!

After you’ve identified and developed leaders, mapped out your workplace, and sparked fruitful organizing conversations, your co-workers should understand they have strength in numbers. Now it’s time to identify demands and bring the fight to the boss.

Escalating the conflict

Every workplace has decision makers, and it’s important to know which ones to target. Usually, it’s the people on the shop floor with hiring and firing power, but some demands require going all the way up to the CEO. Once you’ve identified your target, you’ll have many options available for making them feel the heat.

Possible escalation tactics include

  • Petition deliveries
  • Strikes
  • Phone or email zaps
  • Filing charges with the National Labor Relations Board

The important thing is that your organizing campaign members are on board and ready to fight!

Escalation and public action

Want to learn more? Check out this short video on the EWOC training for escalation and public action.

Learn More

When you’re done watching the video, register for the entire EWOC training series. You’ll learn a lot and meet other worker organizers like yourself. Let’s join together and win!

The rest of our 5-part organizer training series can be found on our blog.

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