Guiding Principles

  1. Workers lead, and we support them. With the goal of rebuilding a powerful, militant, and democratic labor movement in the US, EWOC supports any unorganized worker in any industry who wants to organize their workplace — by building a union and/or fighting collectively for immediate demands.
  2. Organizing support and education — via one-on-one advice and collective trainings — are our primary methods of intervention. It is up to workers themselves to decide on their strategy, tactics, and organizational decisions. Though all EWOC organizers share the goal of developing rank-and-file power, we respect differences in opinion about how to achieve this goal.
  3. To build a scalable movement capable of supporting all worker-led organizing efforts, we depend on and help train volunteers, we encourage the workers we support to self-organize and pass on lessons to other workers via EWOC and beyond, and we openly share our tools and organizing infrastructure with unions and other allied organizations.
  4. We are socialists and see the organized working class as fundamental to building a more just and democratic society in the US and abroad. Building working-class unity requires championing fights for racial, gender, sexuality, disability, and climate justice and tackling the hierarchies and institutions that keep our class divided. For that reason, we do not offer organizing support to police officers and prison guards. An injury to one is an injury to all.