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Trader Joe's Crew Members Demand No Cuts to Wages and Healthcare Coverage be Returned!

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Our Demands

Trader Joe's Workers Are Taking Action

You might have seen and signed the petition that we launched in April 2021 demanding improved pay and healthcare. But we know it will take more than just signing a petition.

We are Trader Joe’s workers writing to demand that the employee benefits introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic be made permanent and that healthcare coverage be immediately and permanently issued to all TJ’s workers risking their health and safety in stores.

When the Covid-19 pandemic started last March, Trader Joe’s workers across the country spoke up and demanded that the company institute hazard pay in order to compensate us for the tremendous risk we have undertaken by continuing to work. The company eventually gave us a two-dollar “Thank You Pay” increase and raised the employee discount to 20%. However, many stores have cut hours during the pandemic, which has resulted in a sustained loss of income for many employees.

We deserve thanks, but the company’s actions feel like an insult——every measure the company has taken to provide an additional “benefit” during the pandemic has been accompanied by an action that shifts the loss back on crew members. We crew the ship and we insist that Trader Joe’s meet these demands!

Here's What To Do!

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1. Add your name to these demands

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2. A Trader Joe's organizer will reach out

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