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Trader Joe's Crew Members Demand No Cuts to Wages and Healthcare Coverage be Returned!

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Our Demands

Trader Joe's Workers Are Taking Action

Since the start of the pandemic, Trader Joe’s has made clear that when the choice is between their profits and the well-being of their crew, they will choose profits.

We have all tried to address concerns about safety, pay, and other working conditions with captains and mates one-on-one, only to be ignored or shut down. We have found that the only way we can make management listen is together.

If you agree with the demands above, or if you want to try to fix other problems at your store, sign this petition and get in touch with more of us who are solving problems at work.

Here's What To Do!

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1. Add your name to these demands

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2. A fellow crew member will reach out

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3. Fight for your rights and win!


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