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Teachers deserve severance pay and for their accrued sick time to be paid out. For the teachers who want to stay on at Bright Horizons, they deserve a guaranteed position.


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Subject line: Petition from Bright Horizons Teachers in NYC

To Mr. Stephen Kramer, Mr. David Lissy, Ms. Elizabeth Boland, and Ms. Anne-Marie Salmon,

CC’d are Board members Sara Lawrence Lightfoot and Laura Mason.

I am writing in solidarity with the teachers at the Fedkids center at 26 Federal Plaza in Lower Manhattan. On Tuesday, September 29, teachers met with Anne-Marie Salmon to put forward our requests for severance pay, to have the company pay out to us the sick time we accrued, and to provide guaranteed positions at new centers to the few teachers who wish to stay with Bright Horizons. Ms. Salmon promised the teachers a response by September 30, and this promise was broken.

Only a few teachers wish to stay on at Bright Horizons. We believe these teachers should have guaranteed positions at other centers in the city at the same level of seniority they currently have. The teachers moving on with Imagine Early Learning also deserve to have guaranteed positions with the new company, and we will fight to make sure every teacher is hired.

We hope to see Bright Horizons take action on these issues and support their workers financially, similar to how the federal government provided the company with subsidies for many years and with extra COVID funding more recently. Your employees deserve to be compensated, too. We will continue to stand together until these requests have been met.


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