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Connect with a workplace organizer to learn more about how you and your coworkers can improve your working conditions.

Workers marching on the boss

Thinking of Quitting?

There’s another option.

If you’re feeling frustrated at work, and thinking about quitting, you’re not alone. Workers everywhere are saying “enough” and mobilizing collectively to resign from their jobs in protest after decades of stagnant wages, unpredictable schedules, and lack of health care or paid sick leave.

By organizing your workplace, you can win real, lasting improvements that allow you and your co-workers to flourish in your jobs. After all, it’s your labor and cooperation that keeps the business running day after day.

About the Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee

The Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee (EWOC) is a project of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE) to build a distributed, grassroots organizing program to support workers organizing at the workplace.

Workplace Safety

You deserve a safe workplace, including universal access to necessary equipment and training, full PPE, and robust workplace safety protocols.

Just Compensation

You deserve a living wage, hazard pay for the risks you take at work, paid sick leave so you can continue to pay the bills if you get sick, and guaranteed healthcare so you can get the care you need and deserve.

Dignity and Respect

You deserve dignity and respect, which means freedom from harrassment, discrimination, and intimidation at work, adequate shift hours, and regular schedules so you can lead full lives in and out of work.

Get Advice and Support

We are organizing workers to get the hazard pay and adequate protections they deserve and fight for dignity, respect, and racial equality.

Contact us to get connected with a workplace organizer to get you the support you need.

“I’m doing this because I want to guarantee the health and safety of my customers, my team, and myself!”

John F.
Shift manager, Taco Bell

“I was scared in the beginning, but we have so much support from parents and everyone around us that I don’t feel scared anymore.”

Jazmin R.
Teacher, Bright Horizons

“Word spread fast, and to this day strangers will come into the store, asking us how the strike went.”

Aria C.
Employee and organizer, Good Vibrations


Download the free documents, reference sheets, and one-pagers workers are using to organize for safer conditions and better pay with the Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee.

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